Ellen’s Story




This film was released on Friday 31st March 2023 to help raise awareness of the devastating impact of anaphylaxis. Developed by Beat Anaphylaxis and the North East & North Cumbria Child Health & Wellbeing Network, it features Delyth and Graham Raffell who speak movingly about their daughter Ellen’s tragic death from anaphylaxis in 2019.

Ellen, who also had asthma, was just 16 years old when she died after she suffered an allergic reaction to snacks she had eaten – unaware she was allergic to one of the ingredients. Although Ellen had allergies, she and her parents were always vigilant about watching out for those foods that had caused issues in the past, however when Ellen suddenly became unwell, they initially thought it was her asthma. It rapidly became clear that something was very wrong.

The film has been created not only for patients and their families, but also professionals in education and healthcare.