Supporting children and families with anaphylaxis

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Patient Stories


These videos present first-hand accounts of Niamh (a young person) and her Mother’s experiences as they faced an anaphylactic reaction. The footage provides a valuable insight into this life-threatening event from the sufferer’s perspective and offers important lessons on how to self-manage severe food allergies.

To allow quick navigation of this content please use the time index list below each video to skip to the desired interview sections.



Niamh’s Story – Part One

00:00-01:35 minutes – Niamh’s account of the reaction

01:35-03:20 minutes – Louise’s (Niamh’s Mother) account

03:20-04:10 minutes – Niamh’s feelings and emotions during the attack

04:10-06:22 minutes – Using her adrenaline auto-injector

06:22-07:45 minutes – Experiences of being a parent of a young person with severe food allergies

07:45-08:33 minutes – ‘The sickness’



Niamh’s Story – Part Two

00:00-01:00 minutes – Getting ready for discharge from hospital

01:00-04:07 minutes – Using an adrenaline auto-injector (Jext/Epipen) and training pens

04:07-06:00 minutes – Talking to friends about your allergies and giving an adrenaline pen

06:00-07:45 minutes – Eating out at restaurants

07:45-08:50 minutes – How the anaphylactic reaction changed the way the family approach Niamh’s allergies

08:50-14:56 minutes – Advice to healthcare professionals and other people with allergies